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Our first podcast. Briefly about our plans and goals
Meet HalalRoom
HalalRoom is the largest media resource where you can learn about everything that makes the life of Muslims better.
Features of our media:
  • We answer difficult questions in simple language.
  • We help readers find a solution to the problem.
  • We make everyday life meaningful.

  • The main goal of HalalRoom is to create a full-fledged information resource for Muslims that can be used in everyday life every day! We also provide non-Muslims with up-to-date information about Islam, its practices, tell what this religion is about.
    Why do you need to visit our media resource?
    Communication is especially important for the growing Muslim community in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Our media is an opportunity to present a clear alternative to negative views of Islam in the wider media. The resource will be useful both for people who are looking for religious knowledge about Islam and are considering its adoption, and for those who just want to learn more.
    Our resource covers a variety of topics:
    • Sports, travel.
    • Relationships, family values.
    • Finance.
    • Leisure (collections of books and films, new items in the field of technology, devices, useful programs).
    • Favorable promotions, discounts.
    • Practical advice on issues from any area of ​​life.
    • Recordings of useful podcasts.
    • Interviews with prominent figures of Islam and just successful people.

    We cover the current state of the Muslim world and its history, provide information about the greatest Islamic figures of culture and art. We are talking about faith, traditions. We do our best to bring people closer together, regardless of their nationality and religion.